“The hottest rising star of the studio lighting world, and one of the best lighting educators anywhere—Frank Doorhof (ask anyone who has seen his one of his classes—this guy is insane!!!! I’ve learned a lot of Frank, and was a fan years before I ever met him in person).”
-Scott Kelby (2011)

Photography workshops for everyone
Would you like to know more about your camera, flash, location or studio work, but you want to skip the simple stuff ? Don’t look any further, this is the place to be. Our workshops range from the standard basics to advanced techniques for studio and location, with different workshops for advanced photographers and beginners. There are also several themed workshops planned for example location work and glamour. Rather than a course where one lightsetup is explained and you can do the work, in our workshops there is a lot of attention for the fundamentals, theory and practical tips and tricks which you normally won’t get from the pro’s or workshops.


All the workshops are dynamic, taking account of questions from the group, leaving you wanting only to attend the next workshop.


Were as other workshops are often based on a photographer showing a few lighting arrangements, ours are very broadly based. The students can ask anything they want there is a wide range of material learned. But most of all you will learn the principles involved, so that rather than simply copying what you are shown, you will be able to apply the knowledge gained and develop and apply it in your own work.


Frank Doorhof is an experienced workshop teacher, he’s been teaching workshops for some years now including the USA, Ireland, UK, Denmark, Germany, Belgium and of course the Netherlands.

Since 2010 Frank is also one of the Kelby instructors on www.kelbytraining.com
For all your questions please mail to info@fotografie-workshops.nl
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