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“The hottest rising star of the studio lighting world, and one of the best lighting educators anywhere-Frank Doorhof (ask anyone who has seen his one of his classes- this guy is insane!!!! I’ve learned a lot of Frank, and was a fan years before I ever met him in person).”

-Scott Kelby

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Light is our language

As photographers we work with light, it’s our language so to speak.
When you know your language by heart you can”play” with it and create something beautiful, for example a poem or a song.
With light it’s not different, when you control your light and know it by heart you can create almost everything you want.

In my workshops there is no mystery.
No instructor that tells you that everything is difficult and you can never do it.
In my workshops you will learn the techniques and the tricks to understand, manipulate and meter light and let it be the tool to create your vision.

On our website www.frankdoorhof.com under the menu option “workshops” you can find the dates for the tours and special workshops, if you understand Dutch go to our “agenda” page in the Dutch menu and see the dates for the local workshops.

Feel free to ask anything by email.

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