A year with frank

This page is in English because this program is for both Dutch and international participants.


Always wanted to get your photography to the next level?
Not afraid to work in setups that are not within your comfort zone to progress?
Want to grow as a photographer plus build your brand?
Always wondered why some people shoot lesser quality but are more successful?
Always wanted to get the most out of your photography?


If you answer yes to these questions we have an amazing program for you:
“A year with Frank”


In this intense program you will be guided for a full year in your photography, online presence and of course your portfolio. Because all people are not equal we have split this program up in 2 options. One thing I have to add, you don’t need to quit your day job of course, this is a program in which you can spend as much time as you want on the assignments, if you want to go for it and spend the whole week that’s great, if you have to work it into your normal job that will work also.


For all programs it goes without saying that you can always email in questions or if you need help with an assignment.


How does the program work?
First of all you have to register, this can be done by email.


After the registration you will be asked to send us the following materials :
Your 10 best shots for a portfolio review and evaluation.
A gear list of the materials you have available so I can give you assignments that are possible to execute.
A description of your experience, the market you are aiming for (and please don’t start with “I want to shoot for vogue in a year :)) 


After the portfolio review you will be starting the program with the assignments which will range from seemingly simple portraits to full blown “fake” client fashion shoots which will also be judged as commercial work, but also expect assignments that are outside the fashion/portrait realm. You will have to score a wedding for example (or similar), do a live band shoot etc. the assignments will push you to the limit if you let me, if you run into problems or have questions you can of course always contact me and via Skype or Google+ I will guide you through the problems.
During the program we are promoting the work of the students via our blog and social media accounts, but also help you setup your own brand and web presence, help you find customers, network and organize photo walks, meetings etc. You will really learn how to make your brand stronger.


Do you guarantee success?

I wish that was possible, but then the prices would be tenfold I guess, because if someone can guarantee you success they don’t know what they are saying, or they teach you how to fold a paper airplane (and even then…..) This program is as intense as I can get, I will push every button you have, drive you insane with the assignments (but only if that’s what you want, we can also take it easy), I will be as honest as possible with the reviews, will give you all the information I know about building a brand for your self and much more… if you take it in and work it out and have the “talent” yes you will have success, or at least your money back, actually some of the assignments will earn you money if you do them the way they are intended. But a guarantee…. no sorry.


Cool I want to start, when?
Mail us for information about this, it’s an exclusive high-end product which is 100% tailor made to the student.


Below you find the different benefits:


  • Year with Frank
  • 5000 EX
  • 1 year
  • monthly talk via Skype/google or in person 
  • 2x access ultimate weekend
  • free workshop access in Emmeloord (Dutch students)
  • 3 day workshop 1:1 (international students)
  • several custom assignments plus review
  • portfolio review and tips on building the final portfolio 


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