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“The hottest rising star of the studio lighting world, and one of the best lighting educators anywhere—Frank Doorhof (ask anyone who has seen his one of his classes—this guy is insane!!!! I’ve learned a lot of Frank, and was a fan years before I ever met him in person).”
-Scott Kelby (2011)

“Frank Doorhof is the pro’s pro. You’ll learn a lot about lighting and model photography – and have a great time in a very relaxing atmosphere.”
-Rick Sammon

“Frank is an absolute lighting genius. His vision, creativity, knowledge and casual style make him one of the best instructors out there today. If you get a chance to take a class with Frank, then jump on it! You won’t regret it”
-Matt Kloskowiski

“He’s teaching stuff I don’t see anybody else doing out there”
– Scott Kelby ( Scott’s best of 2010 awards”)

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